The principle of exchanges relies on a connection that FIDEOJOY makes between you and a foreign family. Successively, you and the foreign family host the teenager of the other family in your home.

Through these exchanges, FIDEOJOY puts a large emphasis on families with a Catholic ethos, actively partaking in Catholic life (Sunday Mass) and if possible, but also affords a chance to discover local Catholic life : involve him/her in a prayer vigil, a weekend for Catholic teenagers or Catholic Scouts,  a visit to a place of pilgrimage or a beautiful church, etc... 

How to subscribe ?

Our "Linguistic Exchanges" services are in great demand. Therefore, we recommend applying at least 6/9 months in advance, in order that we may find the best match for you.

For a registration request, please complete the contact form below.  

We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Practical Information

This offer is suitable for teenagers from 12 to 17 years old. It requires a great flexibility on the dates of stays

Imagine that the young foreigner is coming to enlarge your family for a few weeks and that he will participate in all activities your child usually does: for example, if your child goes to a scout camp, ask the leaders if it is possible to host his correspondent during the camp! Keep in mind that the exchange takes place in both directions: your child leaves and you receive his correspondent. We suggest you plan activities you will do with him. In short, welcome him as you would like your child to be welcomed into a foreign family. 

After the completion of your file, we look for a family which corresponds to your family profile

If this family doesn't suit you, FIDEOJOY will make all efforts to try to find a replacement family, whenever possible.

Travel costs are at your own expense. 



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